Ways to Hack Instagram Passwords

Even though Instagram itself is relatively young, due to it’s explosive growth and the fact that it is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, a number of ways to hack Instagram passwords have been created. The purpose my blog is to sort through some of these ways and hopefully offer you a shortcut through this maze that is called the “Instagram hacking industry” by sharing with you my own experiences on how I successfully hacked someone’s Instagram password that stole and uploaded my pictures.

My Way to Hack Instagram Passwords

As I have revealed throughout this blog my personal preference when it comes to hacking Instagram passwords lies with Account Hacker v3.9.9.

Ways to Hack Instagram Passwordsdownload Instagram hack

Account Hacker is one of the few Instagram hacks I’ve tried that actually succeeded in hacking someone’s Instagram password. The purpose of this blog post however is to provide a thorough, in-depth review of some of the most popular ways to hack Instagram passwords that people use and make a comparisson between each method. These include:


Keyloggers are programms designed to be installed on a computer in order to monitor and record each stroke made on that computer’s keyboard – including of course the Instagram password of the computer’s owner.

The problem with keyloggers when it comes to hacking passwords of any type is the fact that you must find a way to install the keylogger on your target’s computer which is very hard to do if you don’t have direct physical access to the account owner’s computer.

I would there recommend keyloggers as a way of hacking someone’s Instagram password only if there is direct physical access to your target’s computer.

Phishing Pages

Whenever I hear anyone touting phishing pages as a viable way of hacking Instagram passwords I wanna band my head against the wall but before I continue whining about how horrible phishing pages are for Instagram hacking let me first explain what phishing pages actually are.

A phishing page, according to the Register (a UK newspaper) (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/12/12/phishing_redirection/) are fake websites, essentially clones of popular websites like Instagram that are designed to capture your login credentials. For example, someone who is trying to hack an Instagram password may send a link to his cloned Instagram login page to his victim hoping that his victim will try to login through that page. If he does, the login information is stored and then relayed to the attacker.

Even though phishing pages at first sight may seem like a viable way to hack someone’s Instagram password they are very tedius to make – especially for people with no web designing skills but that’s the least of their problems; the main issue with phishing pages is how exactly do your convince a specific Instagram account holder to try and login through the phishing page you just created?

Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend phishing pages as a viable option for anyone interested in hacking Instagram passwords…

Account Hacker v3.9.9

Aha! We finally reached the juicyest part of this post – (in case you haven’t noticed yet, yes I am biased towards Account Hacker as a way to find Instagram passwords!)this is the part where I will actually show you how I hacked an Instagram profile password and how you can do it too but once again, let’s take a step backwards and let me explain what Account Hacker actually is.

Account Hacker v3.9.9 is a multipurpose password hacking tool capable of hacking Instagram account passwords among many other types of accounts it supports. Account Hacker is different from any other Instagram hacking tool you may have tried in the past in a number of ways which I have repeateadly covered throughout this blog but I will mention a few of them here again.

First and perhaps most important among Account Hacker’s features is it’s amazingly easy to use interface that made it possible for a complete idiot like me to hack an Instagram profile, all other Instagram hacking tools I tried required extensive coding skills to operate, skills which I clearly lack. Sedonly, Account Hacker is perhaps the only hacking tools among those that actually work that can find an Instagram password within a minute or two, most such tools or methods for hacking passwords often take days to get an Instagram password.

Last but certainly not least is the cost of hacking a password; whereas most hacking software providers charge hundreds of dollars, the team behind Account Hacker is making their Instagram hacking software available for free – this is a limited offer which may expire by the time you’re reading these lines, so do make sure you download it as soon as possible if you have to hack an Instagram password for free!

I hope my above guide/overview of the different techniques for hack Instagram accounts has helped you achieve your goals. If you found this blong helpfull, please share it with friends and family!